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Our Staff

I am State Licensed and have had a home daycare since 2008. From the experience I have with working with children, I love to let children play freely while also teaching them the colors, the numbers, etc. without any pressure or obligation to learn right away. Children have their whole lifetime to learn, but very little time to be carefree.
Silvia Sternberg

I was born in Peru and moved to Virginia with my family in 2000. I have a wonderful husband, a 27-year-old daughter, a 24-year-old daughter, and an 13-year-old son. 


I have a passion for and love working with children. I worked as a teacher assistant at The Montessori Academy for a few years before deciding to open my home day care in 2008. I use my experience from my teacher assistant position to instill necessary skills that will prove a brighter future for your little one.

I would love the opportunity to be able to care for your child in our loving and safe environment where every child is treated with the same attention and love that I would give me own children.



Mary Lopez

My daycare assistant is with me every day of the week to help with the childen. She has keen instincts with the children and works very well with them. She has so much love and patience for every single child and that is what makes her so special for the daycare. I go through extensive interviewing and observation to make sure your children are in good hands at all times. 

Mary speaks Spanish to the children, this facilitates a second language for your child and parents appreciate their children being able to understand two languages. 

She has been part of my daycare team since 2010.

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